7 Best Movies All Food Enthusiasts Must See!




Kakka Muttai

Kakka Muttai – translates to A Crow’s Egg is a Tamil movie. Two kids, and a new pizza shop in their locality! Kakka Muttai is a story of curiosity, food, and hunger. Two brothers did their work as actors. Released in 2014, movie sets in the slums of Tamil Nadu, India.


The Lunchbox

The Lunchbox is a Bollywood movie, which develops with an unusual friendship and romance between two people. The movie takes us to a fantasy world. The most exciting factor is this develops because of food! How? Why don’t you watch it and find out?


Ustad Hotel

Ustad Hotel is a Malayalam movie, goes through a food ambiance, garnishes with Sufi thoughts. This movie can be concluded with a famous quote – ‘what seek you is seeking you’.  A feel-good movie that you shouldn’t miss.



Cook Up a Storm

Cook Up a Storm is a Korean drama movie, which enhanced with the flavors of food! What I like most in this film is, it beautifully captures how the food is made. (You can watch this movie only to watch them) The battleground between the rival cooks will keep us watching this movie.



A rat who cooks and a struggling young cook (again?). If you love animation movies with good thoughts, it’s a must-watch! When we finish this movie, a quote will repeat in our mind – ‘Anybody can cook!’


Today’s Special

Humor and cooking, does it mix well? Hell yeah! Watch Today’s Special and find out how these mixes well and gives us a good feast of entertainment. A young chef finds out the passion of life through the art of cooking Indian flavors.



A passionate cook who loves cooking more than anything! His struggle as a cook and as a father will take us to a heartwarming ride. This movie gets another pace later as it turns out to a road movie. This movie is all about finding ourselves within us. The movie later remade in Hindi, in the same name, Saif Ali Khan as the protagonist.

Do you know any other food movie? Let us know in our comment section!

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