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From Bamboo to Beer – An Arunachal Pradesh Food Journey

Indian northeast is a place of different tribes and cultures. Their cuisine is simple and flavorful with bamboo shoots and spices. Fried foods are not so popular there. Let’s see some of the best foods which we get from Arunachal Pradesh, the eastern district of India.

Bamboo Shoots

Every dish of Arunachal Pradesh is incomplete with this hot and crispy side dish, bamboo shoots. It involves cooking of tender bamboo, marinated in baking soda and ground spices on a low flame.


A soup of fresh and raw fishes, flavored with khumpatt leaves, ginger, garlic, makat, green chili, and minced meat paste! Served hot in the winter season.


Available in numerous varieties, Momo is the most famous North-eastern dish that can be easily found in every part of the country. To get the authentic flavors, explore street varieties


In Arunachal Pradesh, two types of rice are cooked and that too in a unique style. The first one is called Dung Po and is cooked using two brass utensils. The other variety is called Kholam and is cooked in a bamboo shoot tube filled with water.


The smoky flavor of the final dish is mind-blowing.
Country spices + Sliced fish pieces wrapped in banana leaf = WOW!


The traditional dish of ‘Monpa’, a tribe of Arunachal Pradesh, Thupka is a noodle soup dish that is made with boiled rice noodles, chicken or vegetables.


Made with fermented soya bean and chilli which is a best side dish for steamed rice

Wungwut Ngam

It is a chicken dish prepared with rice powder along with herbs and spices and then boiled.


Local and light beer of the state, traditionally served in bamboo shoot. Its made by drying and fermenting rice and is easily available throughout the state.

Do you know more foods of Arunachal Pradesh? Have you tried any of these foods? Let us know in comments!


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